No Excuses, We ROCK South Florida!

No Excuses is a hard rockin band from Bradenton Florida a medium sized town known for its white sand that is soft as talc, its top rated beaches, and the music… blues and rock n roll

…it sounds a little something like this

Peggys Corral, Palmetto, Fl. January 26th 2020



5 guys made up of 1 Bobby “Bam Bam” Bellino on the drums, his cohort in rhythm and groove is one certified Bill Grayless on bass, bringing in the mids and hi mids on rhythm guitar is Ray “Shorty Magoo” Barse, with Lead Guitar by none other than Jerry “Bobo” Bohannon who has recorded with Groove Scoundrels at Sonic Pixel Recording Studio in Bradenton, FL, and finally last but not least Phil “The Rock” DeLuca setting it all on fire with his vocals.

Ok nuff hype, its 5 cats who dig rock and roll and are damned good at playing rock n roll. The song list is long, the photos are many. and we do enough crazy stuff to have some wild times playing rock n roll. You came to rock? Well so did we…


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