Death Threatz (Contact Form)

Whether you love us or hate us we want to hear from you.

Contact Bobby & Peggy Bellino for bookings or inquiries into getting your festival turned up to 11.
  • Look we have to refer to you as someone by name. You dont have to give us your real name. Your state prison ID isnt necessary either. If you want to be called "Hog Leg" Dan thats what we will call you.
  • We swear we wont spam you but if you wan't to keep in the know or get a reply from a real musician who plays face melting rock and roll, you're going to have to give up your email address. Or to be able to send this form...
  • Imagine you're just sittin there having a rough day and one of the guys from No Excuses calls you up and... ...see it wasn't that bad of a day after all...
  • Sometimes we send out merch wouldnt you love a surprise from one of us?

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