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It doesnt rock any harder than No Excuses and if you are privileged enough to reside or vacation in Florida, you simply can’t miss these hard hitters. Show up to a show at Peggy’s Corral and join the cadre of Swamp Zombies groovin to the rock of our ancestors and today and show the world what happens when the gator folk party!

The Band:

  • Phil Deluca: Vocals- I’m a native Floridian born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. My musical influences are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet, Allman Brothers and so on but I love all Rock and Roll.
  • Joie Preece: Bass – They call him The Beast. He’s the man who lays down the groove to make you move. Joie specializes in straight ahead bass lines. Staying in the pocket, baby, that’s what it’s all about.
  • Bobby Bellino: Drums – In elementary school I spent a lot and I mean a lotta time in the principals office, my crime? Playing drums on the desk with my hands and disrupting my classmates, my punishment was Dads idea, he said, “Let’s give him drum lessons”! Just another reason to love Dad! My probation officer was a drum teacher, Jimmy Brown, and I did my time in a place called The Drummers Den located in Peru, Illinois. Fact is Jimmy Brown was the same man that taught Keith Knuteson, the drummer for the famous Doobie Brothers, a lotta chops!
  • Jerry Bohannon: Lead Guitar – Born in Chicago I got Influenced early on by Black Sabbath, ted Nugent, Van Halen, as well as Judas Priest. My Brother Dennis introduced me to guitar at the age of 16. I was able to “Catch on” pretty quick. As a couple years went by me and my friends eventually put our first band together called THC. we would play all around the neighborhood there in Southside Chicago.
  • Tim Zeman: Guest Vocals – I’m really a fan of all things rock…from the Stones to Slipknot…all depends on the mood. I don’t really have a favorite song… just whatever is stuck in my head at the moment. My vocal influences are Robin Zander, Rob Halford and Dean Martin….or anyone who can take a song and make it their own…
    Along with No Excuses. I still travel to Chicago three or four times a year where I sing in a band called Big Trouble…
    I really enjoy being in Florida and getting a chance to sing in a band with a great bunch of guys…
  • Denny Ferguson: Rhythm Guitar – My musical influences are anything rock n roll from metal, alternative, blues, classic rock, southern rock. My current gear I use is Black Star 6l6 100 watt tube amplifier with 4×12 Crate blue voodoo speaker cabinet. I currently play Ibanez S series guitar with Digitech rp360xp multi effects processor and have been known to play Fenders, Gibson, Charvel and Washburn guitars.]

You can contact the band management team via this form or by calling them:
Bobby Bellino – (941) 254-0769
Jerry Bohannon – (941) 704-8928
Steven Roberts, Sonic Pixels (941) 773-7951

Press Contact

If you are a journalist and can actually spell, we would love to hear from you! My aunt's, sisters', cousin's stepmothers boyfriend wants to be a journalist too. If you are a venue owner or event organizer go ahead fill this out and also check out our booking calendar

Song List for No excuses

We’re an American Band Grand Funk Railroad
Shakin Eddie money
Mississippi Queen Mountain
Helter Skelter Motley Crue
Crazy Train Ozzy Osborne
Man in the Box Alice in Chains
All Right Now Free
Hold on Losely Thirty Eight Special
Born to be Wild Steppenwolf
Sin City ACDC
Runnin Down a Dream Tom Petty
Long Train Runnin Doobie Brothers
Radar Love Golden Earring
Too Hot to Handle UFO
Are You Gonna Go My Way Lenny Kravitz
Cold Hard Bitch Jet
Dead or Alive Bon Jovi
Far Behind Candlebox
When I’m Gone Three Doors Down
Let It Go Def Leppard
Stoned in Love Journey
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers ZZ Top
Roadhouse Blues The Doors
Two Tickets Eddie money
Give Me Three Steps Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Child O Mine Guns and Roses
Burnin Sky Bad Company
What I Like About You The Romantics
Wasted Def Leppard
Rockin in the Free World Neil Young
Gluttony Buckcherry
Slither Velvet Revolver
Remedy Seether
Another Thing Coming Judas Priest
Round & Round Ratt
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love Van Halen
Eruption Van Halen
You Really Got Me Van Halen
The Trooper Iron Maiden
Working Man Rush
Lonely is the Night Billy Squire
I’ll Fall In Love Again Sammy Hagar
Rock N Roll Fantasy Bad Company
Nothin But a Good Time Poison
Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fly me Courageous Drivin N Cryin
Living After Midnight Judas Priest
Space Truckin Deep purple
Rock of Ages Def Leppard
Tush ZZ Top
Plush Stone Temple Pilots
Fight For Your Right Beasty Boys
No Excuses Alice in Chains
The Blitz Krieg Bop Ramones
Mountain Song Jane’s Addiction
Crackerman Stone Temple Pilots
Heavy Metal Sammy Hagar
Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh
Last Dance With Mary Jane Tom Petty
Gel Collective Soul
My Own Worse Enemy Lit
Been Caught Stealing Jane’s Addiction
Lay it Down Ratt

3 guys From Chicago 1 from southern Virginia and 1 from, well we aren’t sure where Doug is from (Even he isn’t sure… We think he’s an android from the future) now all 5 are on the west coast of Florida – No Excuses performs as a band that melts your face off with hard hitting rock n roll with the electricfying lead guitar from Jerry Wizard Fingers Bohannon, the throbbing grooveness from Joie The Beast Preece on bass, pounding beats from Bam Bam Bellino on the skinz, while Denny Ferguson keeps the boys honest with his driving rhythm guitar with the amazing Tim “Z-Man” Zeman ripping the heavens apart with his pure rock vocals.


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