Bobby Bellino, Drums and Even More Back Up Vocals

I was born on time! Mom did the “Homey Pokeme” with Dad two days after Christmas at exactly 4:44 and I was born on September 27th at . . . You guessed it, 4:44! I was born on time. LaSalle-Peru Illinois is where the famous Westclock clocks were manufactured , coincidence? I think not!

In elementary school I spent a lot and I mean a lotta time in the principals office, my crime? Playing drums on the desk with my hands and disrupting my classmates, my punishment was Dads idea he said, “Let’s give him drum lessons”! Just another reason to love Dad! My probation officer was a drum teacher, Jimmy Brown, and I did my time in a place called The Drummers Den located in Peru, Illinois. Fact is Jimmy Brown was the same man that taught Keith Knuteson, the drummer for the famous Doobie Brothers, a lotta chops!

I drummed for many different bands throughout my teen years in Illinois, I’ve been in many different projects. We played skating rinks, high school dances, private parties, and lotsa charitable benefits. I wanted more audience and venues and the small town atmosphere was getting smaller. Work was scarce in Illinois in 1978 sooooo, I loaded up my backpack, gathered my last two weeks of unemployment, and me and my thumb and my backpack made the great escape to the Sunshine State!

I’ve been very fortunate in my music endeavors as to it seems I always attract really REALLY good guitar players, as is the case now. Listening to the complete ensemble is the key to a sweet sound. Play soft enough to hear all other instruments, dynamics are the key to the highs and lows in each and every song. These I hold dear while still being part of the complete sound.

My favorite drummer is John “Bonzo” Bonham. There have been scores of great drummer since Bonzos passing. I’m a Ludwig guy like Bonzo, matter of fact just bought a new white sparkle Ludwig set. Cymbals are as individual as people, I chose them by sound from Zildjian, to Paiste, to Sabian each has to be heard.

Please check our schedule on the site and come on out and ROCK with us or hire us for your next Shindig! Peace and Love!

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